Friday, December 01, 2006

The Poisioned (?) Spy

I was chasing through the channels on the TV and nearly every other story seemed related to the Russian Spy (alledged I think). Now a hoard of people is not surprisingly curious as to why. Well, doesn't this kind of risk go with the job description? Whatever information this guy might have had is certainly gone now. There are probably a million conspiracy theories by now. But realistically speaking in regards to the now deceased spy.....................there goes his perfection record down the dumper.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Neighbor's Chicken

My neighbor has chickens. Nothing very wrong with that most people would say. I say Bullshit!! His rooster needs to have his biological clock adjusted. I have no idea if they give this boy chicken a name or not but I have give him a name. I don't think I should mention it however. It isn't nice. For weeks I tryed to get close enough to grab this crowing machine that goes off at 3:00 AM every night. Well folks, I have a photo here to show the world that a chicken can't evade a human with an agenda. I admit he is quick.....................but not THAT QUICK!!!

If you look close you can see the piece of twine on his leg. I don't have the heart to wring his neck and have him for dinner so he still runs around the neighborhood and crows at 3:00 AM in the middle of the night. It takes a little getting used to but I feel every creature deserves its own freedom.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

San Pedro Sula Honduras

San Pedro Sula is the "Industrial City" in Honduras. At present it is growing in population and economically also. A great example of change is The City Mall. This is a three level mall and is absolutely beautiful inside. I ask about taking photos of the interior and that is a flat out no-no. So much for sharing with everyone. But that's probably just good security. Security is needed nearly everwhere anyone travels. That in itself is sad. But in this day and age it is necessary. I suppose that goes to show a person needs to "on alert" of what's going on around them all the time. In the days to come I am going to get some pics of the city to offer up here so everyone can see the contrast from all that is modern in the city to what is way "behind the times" out and away from downtown. Some folks are in a hurry , others are not. Human nature and the amount in an agenda. Makes for curious observations and thought of how things could be better for all. Until I get the pics , hasta luego

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politics,Elections,and the Message of the Voting Public

The election day in the United States is nearly completed as votes are still being counted in the state of Virginia. A state that will determine the party balance in the senate. This is one very important decision for the citizens of the United States. One way or the other , the pendulum will continue to swing. Question remaining is will it swing left or right? Whatever way , the sun will rise again tomorrow, clouds will form, and humans will continue on. Hopefully , around the world, all leaders will begin to work together for a better quality of life for all human beings on this planet. May integrity be the leading motivation.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New calendar

I published another calendar today at I have a link here on the site. Took very little effort with their software and it's free to publish and put up online. Of course there is alot the publisher has to do if he wants to sell any of them. Hey, it gives me something to do!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Photos for all

Had to go to the grocery store today. That was a real adventure. But enough of that , I got some photos put in here of Lake (Lago) Yojoa and a pic of Pullapanzak Waterfalls. Hope everone enjoys them as much as I enjoyed my day taking these Photos. Enjoy your life!

Rum Bottle

Just a note to let everyone know that the rum bottle is actually honey collected locally at Lake Yojoa. Shame it isn't the real thing, a rum & and coke might have been tasty!Technorati Profile

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The trip to Lake Yojoa

The trip went very smooth. Not one problem, but one small error in judgement. We thought we were entering a national park but ended up going up a mountain that really didn't have much of a road. Just goes to show a person can learn something new every day! The Lake is naturally positioned amidst the mountains and from what I have read was created from volcanic activity centuries ago. Lake Yojoa(Lago Yojoa) is the largest freshwater lake in the country of Honduras. The area is really scenic. Lush colors of green and the colors of blue of the lake. Wonderful contrast. Along the road that runs from San Pedro Sula you see roadside stands where the local residents sell fresh fish ,pineapples,bananas, and many other varieties of fresh fruit. What a beautiful area to leisurly visit. A fish dinner averages around 5.00 dollars and that includes fried plaintains too. Economical and very tasty!Anyone that travels to Honduras should consider a day here because it's just what the doctor ordered for relaxing and unwinding. The roads are good and reasonally marked and there gas stations along the way with sandwiches if you are not a seafood person.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

More Travel

Ahhh, another warm and peaceful morning in Honduras. Beginning next weekend I will be starting up my travels once more. I am traveling to Lake Yojoa which is around 100 kilometers south of San Pedro Sula. Lake (lago) Yojoa is supposed to be a very lovely scenic travel destination complete with waterfalls and from what I understand, two different parks also. I have been past this lake a few times but had a full agenda and simply did not have the necessary amount of time to visit this destination. Hopefully I will have more good photos online in about two weeks and some travel hints along with the pics. Enjoy your life folks!!